June 22, 2012 by Donna Earnhardt

by Donna Earnhardt

Kick off your shoes

Wiggle your toes

Catch the sunset

Watch fireflies glow

Dig in the sand

Swim with the fish

Count falling stars

Close your eyes, make a wish

Buzz with the bumblebees

Run with the wind

Build a dirt castle

Knight your best friend

Snooze in a tent

Wade in a stream

Spit watermelon seeds

Nosh on ice cream

Summer is here

for only a minute

So get off the couch…

Take a leap and jump in it!


13 thoughts on “SUMMER JUMP!

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  2. I’m jumping! I’m hopping! My bells are jingling!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love this site’s name–Funny Bone.

  3. Love it and it describes my mood this summer perfectly. I can finally enjoy a summer completely and plan on doing everyone of those things you mention.

  4. So cute Donna. It really captures the mood!

  5. Love this, Donna! Especially the part about noshing on ice cream 🙂 You caught so many great things about summer here. Enjoy yours!

  6. jajmh says:

    So CUTE, Donna! Fun, fun, fun! My backyard has so many plastic toys it’s starting to look like a pint-sized amusement park.


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